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BSA Ordering party confirming

Confirming ordenant

BSA Ordering Party Confirming is a payments management service. The customer receives the invoices from the suppliers and as soon as they are matched, instructions are sent to the bank for payment to be handled.

The bank informs the suppliers of the planned payment upon the due date and offers them financing of these payments without recourse.

If you need more information, visit one of our branches or your personal agent.

  • Advantages

    For the payment ordering parties:

    • Saving on internal administration costs, thanks to the outsourcing of the payments function.
    • Stronger positioning of the company before its suppliers, as they see that their client places at their disposal a source of financing without recourse.

    For suppliers:

    • Easy access to financing.
    • Improved solvency, borrowing and collection period ratios, amongst others to replace their trade debt with treasury on their balance sheets.
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