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Frequently Asked Questions


Problems with the access code

How can I change my access code?

If you wish to change/personalise your access code, you can do so via the option of the A-Online menu > Other services. We recommend you perform this operation regularly to maintain confidentiality.

I do not remember my access code. What can I do?

You must visit the nearest branch and there they will give you a new access code.

I have locked my access code. How can I unlock it?

For security reasons (incorrect access attempts) the access code is automatically locked. To reactivate it you must contact our A-Online telephone service, tel. +376 735 666, where they will reactivate the same access code for you to identify yourself correctly.

Incorrect identification. What should I do?

The passport no., Nat. ID No, or access code you entered to access the A-Online services is not correct. For this reason, you must repeat the operation and check these details to identify yourself correctly. If the same error is made five consecutive times, the service is locked for security reasons. In this case, see the question: "I have locked my access code. How can I unlock it?"

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Problems accessing the service

Why do I have problems accessing the service?

It could be due to the fact that the initial page was incorrectly loaded, as it's just possible you were accessing an old address recorded on your PC. To erase the cache memory from your browser, simply follow the steps below:

If you are using Netscape:
Go to «Edition»
Enter «Preferences», «Advanced» and «Cache»
Press the button «Empty cache memory» and «Accept»
Press the button «Empty disk memory» and «Accept»

If you are using Internet Explorer:
Go to «VIEW» (EXPLORER 4.0) or «TOOLS» (EXPLORER 5.0)
Enter «Internet Options», «General»
Press «Eliminate Files» of the option «Temporary Internet Files» and press «Accept»

Check that your browser accepts cookies in the following way:
If you are using Netscape:
Go to «Edition»
Enter «Preferences», «Advanced» and «Accept cookies»

If you are using Internet Explorer:
Enter «Internet Options», «Advanced» and «Accept cookies»

Check that your browser version is higher than or equal to 5.5 for Internet Explorer or 6.0 for Netscape. You may have problems with previous versions.
If the error continues, don't hesitate to contact us at our Remote Banking telephone help line on +376 735 666. Check the timetable for this service.

What version of Navigator do I need to access?

In order for the web to function correctly you will need to dispose of a version that is equal to or better than 5.5 (Internet Explorer), 6.0 (Netscape), 1.4 (Mozilla) or 1.0 (Firefox).

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Distance banking utilities

What operations can I perform over the Internet?

The distance banking service is subject to an ongoing enhancement and expansion process in order to make managing your financial affairs from home increasingly easier. You currently have the following queries and operations:


  • Balance and position of current accounts.
  • Credit card balances and statements.
  • Balance of fixed term deposits and foreign currency deposits.
  • Balance of loans, credit, portfolios and guarantees.
  • Position of security accounts and investment funds.


  • National, international and inter-bank transfers.
  • Payment of quotations and collection of services.
  • Purchase/sale of securities, both national and international, and investment funds.

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Using the telephone banking service

What operations can I perform over the telephone?

As an A-Online customer, over the telephone you can perform almost all the banking operations available to individuals, although there are products and services whose characteristics make it essential you visit the branch at a later date to sign the appropriate documents, such as arranging loans, opening accounts, etc.

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Contract 'A Online

How can I contract the 'A Online service?

Contact your regular branch and there they will register you at no charge and provide you will your access code, with which you can check and operate all your accounts. Or, if you prefer, you can request the service via our telephone banking service (+376 735 666).

How can I check/operate may account when I cannot visit the branch?

You have the 'A Online services, via which you can check your accounts and operate both via the Telephone Banking and Internet Banking services. For this, you just need the 'A Online service and you will automatically gain access to all your accounts.

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