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Point of sale terminal

BSABanc places at your disposal 4 types of terminal for you to manage credit card collection.

Your personal agent will inform you about the advantages and operation of each one and will advise you regarding the most suitable option for your business structure.


    These are terminals which can read both the magnetic stripe and the chip in cards

    It has the same security chip elements to prevent fraud. This PST allows the customer to enter their personal PIN and it acts as a conventional PST which users the stripe reader.

  • PST PC

    This solution consists of integrating the PST into the computer by installing software and a magnetic stripe reader.

    The establishment must have a PC, a printer and internet connection.

  • Virtual PST

    If you wish to commercialise the products and services of an establishment via a webpage, we can simplify the fastest collection service for full management of your sales.

  • Paylink

    Paylink is an effective payment management tool for distance sales and does not require the company to have a web page. It is a simple and safe solution to facilitate payment to your customers.

    For more information, press here.

    Pay Link