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Chief attractions


Financial Sector
The Andorran financial sector has a long tradition and is internationally recognised for its solvency, stability and discreet service.. These features have been key to developing and strengthening client’s trust, especially over recent times.

Quality of life
Per capita GDP in Andorra stands above that of many developed countries such as the US, Germany or Japan. It has a mild mountain climate, with a high percentage of sunny days. It has one of the highest life expectancies in the world and is renowned for the high level of public safety.

Economic Environment
The Andorran economic model is chiefly based on tourism and the financial sector. At present, nearly 11 million tourists choose Andorra every year as their prime destination, chiefly attracted by skiing, shopping and financial services.
Andorra is also developing its legal and juridical framework to become a centre for attracting foreign investment. Specifically, the new laws on passive residence and foreign investmen will open a new window of opportunities for investors who wish to establish themselves in Andorra.
The legal render is the euro.

The official language of Andorra is Catalan, the natural language of the country, although most of the population also speak Spanish and French.

The population of Andorra is approximately 80,000 inhabitants, of whom 29,535 are autochthonous. The remainder are foreign, chiefly from Spain (53%), Portugal (25%) and France (10%).

The Principality of Andorra is a European microstate in the central Pyrenees between Spain and France. Andorra has a surface area of approximately 468 km2 and is comparatively larger than the other small European states, such as San Marino (61 km2), Liechtenstein (157 km2) or the Principality of Monaco (1.5 km2).
Between the Principality of Andorra and the chief neighbouring cities the distances by road are:
From Spain: Barcelona 210 km, Madrid 600 km
From France: Toulouse 196 km, Paris 900 km
The nearest airports are Barcelona, Girona, Reus and Lleida (Spain) and Toulouse and Perpignan (France).